Lunar Eclipse Will Occur As Full Wolf Moon Peaks January 10th

The Full Wolf Moon will peak at 2:23 p.m. Friday, January 10.

During the full moon peak a penumbral eclipse will partially shade about 90 percent of Moon for a bit more than four hours, but will be visible from Africa, Europe, Asia, Alaska and Australia, not central North America.

Closer to home, with peak full moon coming at mid-afternoon, best viewing for the first full moon of the decade will by the nights of Thursday, January 9, or early morning Friday, January 10th.

The power of the Wolf Full Moon serves as a guide for you to trust your instincts and pay attention to what they’re trying to tell you.  The wolf symbolizes intelligence, loyalty, freedom, and social connections, and demonstrating them in a more balanced manner.  So work with the wolf as your spirit animal for the next 28 days. Wolf is the Grand Teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe – Us.

This month is all about spiritual awakening and this is coming into power with a potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 10th in the sign of Cancer.

You may have noticed that Cancer missed out on a Full Moon in 2019, which means that this Eclipse is not going to go by unnoticed!  This Full Moon energy will be strong and powerful with waves of emotionally charged energy.  This will help us to be inspired, release what is not needed, shed, and let go.

Eclipses are important points in the year as they are believed to bring events aligned with our soul path or soul destiny.

On a Lunar Eclipse, the Universe opens a portal of energy that allows it to bless us and help us release something that we weren’t quite ready to let go of in order to keep us moving forward and accelerating higher.

While Eclipses advance our soul journey, our human selves are often left to play catch up which is why they can sometimes be a jarring experience.

Each one of us will experience the Cancer Lunar Eclipse energies differently, but this will be a heightened time where we will all feel called to release and let go of something.  This is a wonderful time to howl at the Moon!  You don’t have to be outside to do this.  You can howl right inside of your home!

Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses your attention on relationships, your home and your family. A total lunar eclipse has an even strong influence on your private life. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This allows you to take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

The name of Wolf Moon comes from Native American cultures and a time when wolves were a top predator across North America.

Those earlier peoples lived their daily lives in proximity to the large canines. As the depths of winter closed in on them in January, the wolves could be heard howling just outside the village and, in the case of the early European settlers, at the edge of the homestead, where they foraged for scraps left by the humans and posed a constant threat.

Today, true wolves are gone from Rural areas and live in the north, but we have coyotes that carry some hybridized wolf genetics and are nearly the size of wolves. Maybe a modernization of the Native American full-moon naming system would be the Full Coyote Moon.

Some Native Americans also knew the January full moon as the Old Moon, acknowledging that while winter still held sway, the newness of spring was on the way; Ice Moon, because it comes when waterways are covered by ice; and the Snow Moon, because it coincides with a time of snow on the landscape.

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11 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse Will Occur As Full Wolf Moon Peaks January 10th

  1. Ohhh! This description so resonates with me !! “Some Native Americans also knew the January full moon as the Old Moon, acknowledging that while winter still held sway, the newness of spring was on the way; Ice Moon, because it comes when waterways are covered by ice; and the Snow Moon, because it coincides with a time of snow on the landscape.”
    Blessed Be🙏🏻

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  2. Omg.. Every time a full mooncomes i can feel it thoroughly but over the past week i have been so emotional and trying to figure out where thus relationship i have been in is going.. Its just the emotions involved are so prominent..overwhelmingly so.. What a relief it was to kniw i wasn’t going crazy but the rare full moon was in effect!

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  3. I have been inspired to make a trip to see my people in Montana. it has been decades since I’ve been back. In spite of the Sub-Zero temps, I am going next month. Perhaps, the Wolf Moon’s effect?

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