Creepy Realistic Human Skulls Carved From Crystal And Gemstone Are Incredible

These skulls are made from 100% natural stone with a massive selection of high quality and rare natural stones. Over 400 to be exact.

Manufactured and handcrafted by the insanely talented people over at Skullis, these crystal and gemstone skulls are meticulously hand sketched, carved, polished, and finished off with incredible detail that most sculptors could only dream of.

Along with human skulls that they carve from stone, they also handcraft dragon, alien, and raven skulls. Now, they might not come cheap, but seriously how can you even put a price on stuff like this!

Carved from Red Jasper

Carved from Ruby

Mozambique Agate


ORIGIN: Brazil / HARDNESS: 7 / NATURAL: 100% natural




ORIGIN: Australia / HARDNESS: 7 / NATURAL: 100% natural


Quartz Rock Crystal


ORIGIN: Madagascar / HARDNESS: 7 / NATURAL: 100% natural


Amethyst and Agate (These are my favs)


ORIGIN: Brazil / HARDNESS: 7 / NATURAL: 100% natural


Lapis Lazuli


ORIGIN: Afghanistan / HARDNESS: 5.5 / NATURAL: 100% natural




ORIGIN: Zambia / HARDNESS: 3.75 / NATURAL: 100% natural


Morris Jasper


ORIGIN: Liaoning, China / HARDNESS: 7 / NATURAL: 100% natural


Amethyst Geode Agate Carved Crystal Skull

Sakura Agate

Ocean Jasper Geode

You can check out their website and Ebay store if you’re interested in buying one of these beauties.

You can also like them on Facebook here!

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