Friday the 13th And A New Moon The Night Following – What Does That Mean? Your Wishes Granted!

Hello my Divine friends, this day marks a serious transformation. The extra luck for the Friday the 13th energy aligned with a new moon the night following is practically giving peoples manifests to them.

Although 13 has a long historic tradition of being unlucky in religion, being due to the 13 biblical that sat at the last supper and Friday being the day of Jesus crucifixion, non religious folk like myself, consider it to be a lucky day. Because we dont resonate with the bible or religion. Witches align to the energy with the universe and natural substance with earth greatest resources. Today and tonight is a great manifesting day for ones desires and wishes.

This Sunday, November 15, will see the new moon arrive in Scorpio, starting the night following the day after Friday the 13th. the secretive, slinky sign that enjoys its privacy more than most. For a lunar sign that already rewards those who embrace the peace and quiet of a darkened, seemingly moonless night, this month’s new moon will be particularly fruitful for those of us who are willing to sit with ourselves and our thoughts and, simply, see what comes to the surface.

Combining the two can be a powerful force for wishes and manifest for ones desires, and although you may see some reflection in yourself while the days turn to night, use this energy to guide yourself to receiving and openness to what is fruitful in your desires.

Friday The 13th Spell for wishes

Blessed Be , Love 🖤 & Moonlight 🌙

The Divine Moon

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