Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse November 2020: A Full Roundhouse Effect!

Hi my divine friends. Theres a full moon and lunar eclipse on the same night in gemini this month! What does it mean? Well let me tell you:

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse November 28th 2020 in Gemini 8Degrees. 3:16 am

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them–that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”- Lau Tzu

Have you been waiting to present a unique gift? Waiting to make a tough decision? Now is the time! It is the moment in which we fully embrace our great potential.

As it is a lunar eclipse, and the Moon will lie in the Earth’s penumbral shadow for several hours(the lighter of the Earth’s shadows), all of the subconscious energy of our evolutionary intent is focused upon reaching our conscious, the Sun. You will notice a lot of instinctive behaviours relating to a pattern thet gemini brings from ancient times: aggression, dominance, territoriality and ritualistic displays. (not that this hasn’t been going on for centuries but is being accelerated at this time). Make sure you control your urges and have a clear mind when making decisions.

Right now in the lunar effect of gemini, you will feel the pull of the roundhouse effect. They fruition bringing itself back to you. Whats deserved and what’s supposed to be will come. And it will come strong. Whats rightfully yours will be.

Take harness of the energy and use it to better your life.

Manifest it and You shall receive it.

Love & Moonlight 🖤🌙

The Divine Moon


How To Find Your Life Path Number

  • Follow the button below and enter your date of birth, then come back and Click the next link to read about your number! It’s that simple. Enjoy!
  • You can check your compatibility with friends or spouses life path numbers on this button:

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Blessed Be , Love 🖤 & Moonlight 🌙

The Divine Moon

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