Last New Moon of 2020 | Solar Eclipse: A Change Is Inevitable

Hi my divine friends. THE NEW Moon in December is in Sagittarius and it’s going to have a powerful effect on everyone. What does it mean? Well let me tell you:

Full Moon/Solar Eclipse December 14th 2020.

New Moons occur once a month, and the last New Moon in Scorpio was intense.

The New Moon in Scorpio asked you to step into your own power and live a life of passion and purpose.

Then along came the Gemini Full Moon lunar eclipse to help you to surrender all that’s no longer meant for you and expand out into the slightly uncomfortable unknown where growth and change and new experiences happen.

On Monday, December 14 the Sagittarius New Moon solar eclipse will bring a powerful point of new creation.

A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth.

When this happens, the Moon blocks the light of the sun from reaching the earth, and the Moon casts a shadow onto Earth.

There has already been one solar eclipse in 2020, and this is the second and final of the year.

This Eclipse happens to be a total solar eclipse, so the Sun, Moon, and Earth will be in a direct line and it will only be visible from a small area on Earth.

The Sun and Moon are coming together in Sagittarius, but we won’t be able to see it and it will only last for a few minutes.

The New Moon solar eclipse will be a fresh start for us all.

The Sun and Moon together in Sagittarius is opening a powerful portal that symbolizes a real new beginning – and goodness knows we need it after this year.

Eclipses are tied to the lunar nodes, and this time it’s the south node that’s active.

The south node is to do with our past lives, what we came into this life with, karma and what is comfortable to us- it’s like our comfort zone.

The aim of this eclipse is to try and move out of our comfort zones in the south node and move towards our truth in the north node.

Solar eclipses are like an amplified new moon bringing real new beginnings, but as the south node is active this comes with a sense of having to let go first so that this space can be replaced with the new beginnings that you are seeking.

No longer can we have one foot in the ‘safety’ of the past and our comfort zone yet still expect to be able to move forward and expand into the future.

What are you holding onto that is no longer your truth, and what isn’t serving, working, or expanding you?

2020 has changed us all and what you perhaps thought was true for you and the direction of your life at the start of the year may now be completely different, it’s time to be honest about that and what it is that you really want, and equally what you no longer want to take forwards with you.

Sagittarius is a sign which seeks the meaning of life, it’s very philosophical and aims to understand as much as possible.

This New Moon will help you to once more find meaning and faith in life and in yourself.

This is a New Moon to celebrate yourself for getting through this year and all of its challenges, it’s a moon for showing up for yourself and believing in all that you are capable of.

With this New Moon solar eclipse, you will find that you are being called into something bigger, something higher, something more expansive, it’s as though you’ll be able to feel the call of your soul.

What would you do if you knew you could not possibly fail?

The Sagittarian archer is drawing back his bow and shooting for the stars- the New Moon solar eclipse is here to make anything and everything that your heart and soul desires becomes possible.

Cheers to a new year coming. Good things are around the corner for you and humanity.

Love & Moonlight 🖤🌙

The Divine Moon


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Blessed Be , Love 🖤 & Moonlight 🌙

The Divine Moon

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