A Lunar Haircut – What Is It & How To

A Lunar Haircut – What Is It & How To

Since ancient times the lunar calendar has been used to plan many events in a persons life, including haircuts. The phases of the moon, lunar days and the position of the moon in the constellation affect the health and growth of hair, as well as the general well-being of a person and spiritual harmony. The combination of these factors sets the energy background of the day.

Pending on it favorable, neutral and unfavourable days for haircuts make up each lunar month.

Getting your haircut on a favourable day will make it healthier, accelerate its growth and won’t affect the energy flow in the body. On a neutral day, energies are balanced and do not have either a positive or negative affect, so you should rely on your inner feelings when it comes to deciding on a haircut. Getting your hair trimmed on an unfavourable day can slow down hair growth and have a negative affect on the hairs condition.

According to Vetic astrology, the moon has a strong influence on the energy of a person. Energy flows are constantly circulate in the blood and that includes the energy flow through the hair as well. By cutting and trimming it, you can ups at the balance and lose some of the vitality. But on certain days the moons influence neutral eyes it’s the negative consequences and makes a haircut beneficial for both the hair and the whole body, as well as the spiritual state of a person.

It’s important to remember that the head is the most important centre coordination all the processes of the body, consciousness and the psyche, therefore any impact on its affects the person as a whole. This affect this applies to haircuts, grooming procedures and visiting a beautician.

Key Recommendations:

  • if you are to cut your hair during the growing moon it will grow faster.
  • A haircut during the waning moon will slow down your hair growth but will strengthen the roots and reduce hair loss.
  • You shouldn’t cut your hair straight after having a meal, as well as late in the evening or at night.

The total, the lunar calendar has 30 tithes, which are lunar days. They are divided into two periods of 15 days. And each of those two periods, there are lunar days that are unfavourable for haircuts these are the fourth, ninth and 14th day, as well as a new moon.

Not recommended to have a haircut on the full moon, six lunar day, as well as on the days of Surya Sankranti when the sun transit from one zodiac to another. Also, when the hair cut lunar calendar is made up, the men’s position in the constellations is taken into account. Only 12 out of 27 constellations are favourable for haircut and grooming procedures.

In Vedic astrology, to have a haircut on Tuesday or Saturday is considered unfavorable. Tuesday is the day of mars, a theory planet that carries strong sometimes aggressive energy. Saturday is the day of Saturn, which is associated with asceticism, limitations and sadness. Everybody has different Haircut days than the other based on your suns astrology sign and you moon sign. Which ever you resonate with most is where the zodiac should meet the moons phase and have the best outcome.

The haircut lunar calendar takes all these factors into account and, based on them, gives daily advice on how a haircut can affect Harris health and overall body condition. Of course, the skill of your hairdresser and the personal attitude towards you is very important too.

So start planning your Lunar Haircut and get to work on your mind, body and spirit.

The Divine Moon 🖤🌙


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