Pick A Moon – Friday the 13th Facebook Post Results

These are the answers for your pick a moon! Scroll down!
PICK a moon and comment below your choice. The universe will give you some guidance that will help you navigate this crazy week ahead of us.


  1. Careful not to be high-handed with the people you live with today! You have the lucky planet Jupiter in your house which is the part of our astrology chart which is all about home and family. So hopefully you’re going through a good stage when it comes to your home and family, and private life in general. This week, though, as Jupiter is triggered, there is a chance you could go from being free-wheeling to going too far in some way. You have been warned! Don’t go over the top!
  2. Mars ends its once-every-two-years retrograde now, ending an extraordinary 2-month reverse cycle. As this cycle comes through then, we can expect a lot of treading water to come to an end to. If there’s something in your life that you’ve been stuck on, not sure why you’re not moving forward with it, that can change now. I can think of a few things that have been stuck with me. Can you? Let’s see if they start to come “unstuck” in a good way now that Mars is moving forwards again.
  3. Expect your motivation and mojo to come back this week. Personal projects that have been delayed since September could get you re-fired up at last. You’re also going to get a power surge when it comes to your career and ambitions. If you could change your working world, what would you do?
  4. If you want next year to be better than this one, hear this; you need to work through your fears now and in the coming few weeks. Be honest about where your fears come from and stare them down. The more you can work through your fears now, the better.
  5. This week brings a chance to make massive changes to the way you live your life. 2022- 2022 has really shown us what really matters to us when it comes to the daily routines that “run” our lives. If you want to do things differently in 2023, set intentions now.
  6. If you have been through the mill with a friend (or even multiple friends) these past few years, thank your stars. They have been helping you to be a better friend yourself and also showing you who you no longer want on your friends list or in your friendship circles.

If you enjoyed your reading and resonate with it, comment on my post and let us know by commenting on the post on facebook!

Blessed Be , Love 🖤 & Moonlight 🌙

The Divine Moon

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