Signs of Alien Life Detected on Venus!

Scientists have discovered a rare molecule in the clouds of Venus, which suggests colonies of living microbes could be thriving in the oxygen-free environment high in the planet's atmosphere.

Septembers “Full Corn Moons” Meaning, Folklore And Where To Find It!

The full Moon for September 2020 is the Full Corn Moon! (This year, the Harvest Moon will be in October instead.) Learn how the Corn Moon got its name—plus, see Moon phase dates, Best Days by the Moon, folklore, and more!

NASA: Asteroid On Collision Course With Earth The Day Before Nov. 3 Election

There could be the possibility of an asteroid zooming toward Earth in addition to the variety of major events this year, including the coronavirus pandemic. I mean, what else did you expect from 2020?

August 2020’s Sturgeon Moon Meaning And When To See It At It’s Fullest

What goes through your mind when you think of the full moon? Is it the werewolves that supposedly come alive, howling at it all evening long? Is it perhaps the magic that flows under its glowing gaze?

How To See Comet NEOWISE, Visible To The Naked Eye Until July 23rd 2020

On July 12/13, 2020, Comet NEOWISE finally becomes visible after sunset. Although it’s brighter than all but around 20 stars, its extended, diffuse nature makes it a challenge for human eyes. It’s easiest to first locate with binoculars, below the Big Dipper in the northwest skies.


July’s Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse – Where & When To Watch It

Skywatchers in much of Canada and the United States will be treated to a penumbral lunar eclipse on U.S. Independence Day, just before the full “buck moon” rises late on July 4 and early July 5.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse & Summer Solstice All Within 24 Hrs – Massive Energy Reset!

The effects of these 3 energies will support, inspire and guide you through the next 6 months through the Eclipse window and even up to 2 years!

Free Multi Tarot Card & Crystal Reading Results

From our Facebook Page Post - Here are the results! Meditate for a minute. Take a few deep breaths and choose a pile of cards that you feel drawn to. Once you have chosen, scroll down for your reading. RESULTS: #1: 7 of Swords + High Priestess Reversed You feel like you have some information … Continue reading Free Multi Tarot Card & Crystal Reading Results