Physics Suggests Our Dreams Could Be Glimpses Into Alternate Dimensions

Have you ever thought about dreaming being an opening to another dimension, or a way to see into the afterlife? Well physics may be onto something along those lines in theories.

Take The Chakra Test – See Where You’re Balanced And Not

This is an amazing test that I resonated with well. Being a healer and avid chakra worker I found that this test was super on point and did actually give proper results.

The Top 21 Best Spiritually Awakening Finds on AMAZON!

These items can be hard to find in most places, but with modern day technology Amazon is becoming more and more spiritual. I've actually bought some great things off it and I wanted to share with you - what I think are the BEST TOP 20 Spiritually awakened FINDS ON AMAZON!

The Aquarius New Moon Is Going To Push All Of Us Into Emotional Overdrive

As we get closer and closer to the new moon of this month many of us are feeling a bit on edge. While this is a bit normal for all new moons, the one we’re about to face is anything but.

6 Intuitive Instincts You Should Never Ignore

There’s a huge amount of value in reading books by Law of Attraction experts, practicing techniques and learning about the exciting science behind manifestation. However, if you don’t branch out from this highly cognitive approach, you risk engaging the mind without also engaging the heart.

In particular, tuning into your intuition, the faculty that produces instincts and gut feelings is absolutely necessary if you’re going to notice signs from the universe. And, in fact, your intuition is useful outside of Law of Attraction work as well.